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Bluesman Tom Larsen Band

Kegs and Corks Aug 2014 VIP tentBooBQue 10-31-15 Sam and Jimi!

Bluesman Tom Larsen is one of the most dynamic, original and exciting performers on the blues scene today. Not the run-of-the-mill, business-as-usual blues act, this is a fresh, new direction for blues. It features all-original songs with a unique and distinctive new style, delivered with an energized, danceable, house-rockin’ show, tailor-made to shake up your venue or event.   Get ready to take a walk on the wild side………..


Bluesman Tom Larsen Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo Sept 2015 Jimi Kozmik!Gburg Wine 9-7-14 Dynamic Duo Elwood 2Long known for having three-man bands that sound like five pieces, check out the Dynamic Duo:  no drum machines, no computers, no tricks, just two passionate musicians playing real, live music, throwing down and jamming out. And yes, folks get up and dance just like they do for a full-band show! If your venue is small and budget is an issue, this may be the way to go.


Bluesman Tom Larsen “Lookin’ For Trouble” Band

LFT band 2

LFT band

The hardest rocking Blues Band on the scene in the 1990’s was unquestionably Tom Larsen and the Lookin’ for Trouble Band! Two of the original band members, Kieth Brooks on drums and Elwood Bishop on bass, are currently doing special limited-engagement shows with Tom. The magic of those legendary performances is still alive and well, with recent shows being met with wildly enthusiastic, standing-ovation crowd response. “If you’re lookin’ for trouble, you’ve come to the right place!”


Bluesman Tom Larsen Triad – Blues With Congas 

TL Triad 2012

For a fresh take on the Bluesman and his Funky Blues, try the TL Triad, featuring Jimi Kozmik Stewart on bass and Tony Robinson on congas, bongo’s and percussion. This lineup is tailor made for the smaller venues where a full drum set would be a little too rough. Give the Triad a spin for some Latin Blues!


The Original Tom Larsen Blues Band

download (5)         Original TLBB

This is it, this is where it all began. Over the years, Bluesman Tom Larsen has become widely known and well-respected in the Blues world for his legendary, knock-out bands. This was the first line-up from back in the early 80’s, the one that started the phenomenon that has now lasted for 35 years.


Performing again for select special events, the Original Tom Larsen Blues Band returns, bringing back the buzz and excitement that started it all. Featuring Gregg “Sticks” French on drums and Elwood “Sharp Dressed Man” on Bass, this vital music is as hard-hitting and dynamic now as it was in the early years!




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Phone:    410-651-9457


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